Juniper Certified Pre-Owned Hardware Options

The ONLY Pre-Owned hardware that is Certified and Supported by Juniper Networks.

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned enables you to enhance your network with previously owned, less expensive hardware that is officially Certified by Juniper Networks. Every Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware has been thoroughly refurbished and contains the Juniper’s latest revision of software and firmware. The certification process includes incorporated bug fixes, reset to default configuration, Juniper serial number verification, component repair and replacement, detailed cosmetic restoration, certification qualifying testing, and warranty as new registration all in original Juniper packaging.

Juniper Warranty

JCPO Pre-Owned hardware carries the same warranty as the corresponding new Juniper hardware, unless stated otherwise.

Juniper Care Eligible

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned products are eligible for Juniper Care’s best-in-class 24/7 support, unless stated otherwise.

Extend Your IT Budget

May be available at a significant discount relative to new product prices.

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“Juniper Certified Pre-Owned lets our customers take advantage of proven Juniper technology for less than the cost of new hardware—our commitment to value sets us apart in the secondary market.”
– Vince Molinaro, Chief Customer Officer, Juniper Networks

Operated by Juniper Networks with support from PureWrx and the Juniper Certified Pre-Owned program are operated by Juniper Networks with support from PureWrx, a Juniper Authorized Reseller.