Juniper Certified Pre-Owned Routers

A comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of routers for enterprise and service provider networks.

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned routers enable you to enhance your network with previously owned, less expensive equipment that is officially certified by Juniper Networks. Every Juniper Certified Pre-Owned router has been thoroughly refurbished and contains the Juniper’s latest revision of software and firmware. Juniper Certified Pre-Owned routers give you incorporated bug fixes, reset to default configuration, Juniper serial number verification, component repair and replacement, detailed cosmetic restoration, certification qualifying testing, and warranty as new registration all in original Juniper packaging.

Pre-Owned Juniper Routers

Multiservice Edge Routers for MPLS

The Juniper M Series features IP/MPLS combined with reliable, stable, secure, and rich services enable service providers and enterprises to generate new revenue and consolidate networks.

  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Enables Network Consolidation
  • Models from 10 to 320 Gbps Throughput
  • Separate Control, Forwarding, and Services Planes

3D Universal Edge Routers

The Juniper MX Series features SDN-ready edge routers that scale in bandwidth, subscribers, and services, providing the industry-leading system capacity, density, and performance needed to meet the rapidly growing demands of enterprise and service provider networks.

  • Aligned with SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Virtualized Network Services
  • Carrier Grade OS
  • Unparalleled Reliability

Broadband Services Routers

The Juniper E Series features provide the reliable and scalable performance required for Internet access, IPTV, video on demand, VoIP, and interactive applications.

  • Comprehensive Subscriber Management
  • Advanced IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 Support
  • Reliability to Meet Strict SLAs
  • Incremental Processing Power to Meet Incremental Needs
  • Sophisticated Operational Features

Multichassis-Enabled IP/MPLS Core Routers

With an installed base larger than any other core router in the world, the Juniper T Series Core Routers are powering the most challenging and diverse service provider networks across the globe.

  • Multiservice IP Core
  • World’s Most Proven Core Router
  • Evolved MPLS Functions
  • Multi-Terabit Performance
  • Unrivaled Longevity

Enterprise Security Routers

The Juniper J Series routers directly benefit from modular and fault-protected software design of the JUNOS operating system. They are modular routers for enterprises running desktops, servers, VoIP, CRM / ERP / SCM applications.

Juniper Warranty

JCPO Pre-Owned hardware carries the same warranty as the corresponding new Juniper hardware, unless stated otherwise.

Juniper Care Eligible

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware are eligible for Juniper Care’s best-in-class 24/7 support, unless stated otherwise.

Extend Your IT Budget

May be available at a significant discount relative to new product prices.

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