Why Should You Buy Juniper Certified Pre-Owned?

Improve your network using pre-owned, less expensive hardware officially certified by Juniper Networks. All certified pre-owned hardware purchased through this program carries the exact same Juniper warranty* as the corresponding new product(s) and is eligible for Juniper Care support and services.

Exceptional Savings

If purchasing new hardware is simply not an option due to budget limitations, Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware can be purchased for a fraction of what you would pay for new hardware. As an added bonus, all Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware is eligible for the award-winning 24×7 mission-critical support provided by Juniper Care, unless stated otherwise.


All Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware carries a warranty from Juniper. Used networking hardware purchased from sources other than Juniper or its authorized resellers is NOT warranted by Juniper Networks. Trust only Juniper Certified Pre-Owned. For information on warranty terms & conditions for a specific product, please visit juniper.net.

* End-of-production hardware (hardware that is no longer being manufactured but is still potentially eligible for Juniper support) carries a 12 month hardware warranty. Juniper will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship the replacement hardware within twenty (20) business days after receipt of the product, including Dead on Arrival (DOA) hardware, at a Juniper Networks Repair Center. Customers who have purchased end-of-production hardware can choose to buy, if available, Juniper Care Core, Core Plus (Return to Factory [RTF] 10-day service), or (upon pre-approval) Next Business Day Delivery (ND) support services, but only at the time of their Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware purchase.

Juniper Care Eligible

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware is eligible for the award-winning 24×7 mission-critical Juniper Care support. Juniper Certified Pre-Owned purchases can be added to existing support contracts. Used networking hardware purchased from sources other than Juniper or its authorized resellers is†NOT†eligible for Juniper Care. Trust only Juniper Certified Pre-Owned. Contact PureWRX sales or Juniper authorized reseller working with PureWRX for details.

Certification Process Ensures Performance

To qualify as Juniper Certified Pre-Owned, and to the extent needed, hardware will go through the Juniper Certified Pre-Owned Refurbishment & Certification Process*, where it will be thoroughly refurbished and updated at a Juniper Networks authorized facility. This refurbishment includes installing, or providing access to, the then-current version of embedded software for the hardware.

Used networking hardware purchased from sources other than Juniper or its authorized resellers will not be inspected by Juniper-trained technicians and may have undetected problems. Keep in mind that used hardware purchased from sources other than Juniper or its authorized resellers is not covered under Juniper Networks warranty and support, meaning you will be responsible for all repair costs. Trust only Juniper Certified Pre-Owned.

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned Refurbishment and Certification Process* may include:

Updated to Juniperís latest revision of embedded software

Incorporated bug fixes

Reset to default configuration

Juniper serial number verification

Undergoes component repair and replacement

Detailed cosmetic restoration

Certification qualifying testing

Receives Juniper warranty registration

* Process will be completed to the extent needed for each hardware product. Unused Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware may be considered certified without undergoing the refurbishment & certification process.

High Availability

When new Juniper hardware is not available to meet a project timeline, Juniper Certified Pre-Owned may be a reliable alternative. Juniper Certified Pre-Owned offers a range of high-performance networking solutions from Juniper Networksí product portfolio, including switches, routers, security devices, wireless devices, and accessories.

PureWRX’s in-stock hardware generally ships the same day as ordered. Contact a PureWRX sales specialist for current Juniper Certified Pre-Owned inventory and lead times. PureWRX works closely with their shipping partners to ensure lead times are fast and reliable.

Maximize Your Budget, Minimize Your Risk

Compare Juniper Certified Pre-Owned to used Juniper hardware from unauthorized sources:

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware Used Juniper hardware from unauthorized sources
The only place to buy pre-owned hardware that is certified and supported by Juniper Networks. Juniper does not guarantee the authenticity, legitimate ownership, or performance of used hardware purchased from unauthorized sources.
Inventory A wide range of hardware, including current SKUs, available across the entire Juniper Networks product portfolio. A wide-range of current and end-of-life SKUs available across entire product portfolio.
Quality Certified to perform at original factory specifications and tested if needed. Unknown. Hardware is not tested or remanufactured using Juniper approved methods.
Price Significant savings off Juniperís list prices for new hardware. May be lower than Juniper Certified Pre-Owned, but carries inherent risks typical with any hardware not inspected by Juniper.
Warranty Same Juniper warranty as corresponding new Juniper product SKUs for certified pre-owned hardware, unless stated otherwise. Varies. Most hardware is sold ìas-isî with no warranty or software support. No Juniper warranty.
Support Pre-owned hardware is eligible for the same Juniper Care support options as new Juniper product, unless stated otherwise. Hardware purchased through the secondary market are not eligible for Juniper Care support and services.
Lead Times PureWRX may provide same day lead times on in-stock hardware and work with customers to provide customers with lead times at time of purchase for not-in-stock hardware. Unpredictable and varies by source.

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“Juniper Certified Pre-Owned lets our customers take advantage of proven Juniper technology for less than the cost of new hardwareóour commitment to value sets us apart in the secondary market.”
– Vince Molinaro, Chief Customer Officer, Juniper Networks

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