Juniper Certified Pre-Owned Disclaimer Notification

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned (JCPO) is defined as Juniper hardware that has been acquired from various approved sources, including the Juniper demo pool, customer service reverse logistics, stock rotation, overstock, and unused supply, and has undergone a full certification process consisting of component repair and replacement; incorporation of the latest Engineering Change Order(s); installation of the latest embedded software and bug fixes; resetting to default configuration; application of original Juniper packaging and labeling; and qualified certification testing and serial number verification.

Current line Juniper Certified Pre-Owned products carry the same warranty and Juniper J-Care support options as their new product counterparts. Juniper Certified Pre-Owned products that have been retired, and are no longer available new (End-of-Sale), carry a 1-year hardware warranty and are eligible for J-Care support. Please contact your account manager for details specific to your service requirements.

The Juniper Certified Pre-Owned certification process includes:

  1. Component repair and replacement
  2. Incorporation of the latest Engineering Change Orders
  3. The latest embedded software revisions incorporating bug fixes
  4. Default configuration reset
  5. Original Juniper packaging and labeling
  6. Qualified testing certification and serial number verification

By submitting any forms on the website, you consent and authorize Juniper Networks to share information with its third parties, including PureWrx or other Authorized Resellers. Please read the Juniper Networks privacy policy at for more information.

For additional information about Juniper Certified Pre-Owned products, please contact your Juniper account manager or visit

• “Pre-Owned” equipment includes hardware that may be acquired through demonstration returns, RMAs, stock rotations, new overstock factory inventory, or sourced from other situational opportunities.

• “Certified” means that the hardware is refurbished and updated as needed, and certified for resale by Juniper through the JCPO program’s certification process.

Operated by Juniper Networks with support from PureWrx and the Juniper Certified Pre-Owned program are operated by Juniper Networks with support from PureWrx, a Juniper Authorized Reseller.